Santander Select

Dedicated to making your life easier

When you're invited to be part of Santander Select, you can relax in the knowledge that our Santander Select Managers are looking after your finances.

Dedicated Select Managers will work to deliver greater value for you and look for ways to make the most from your money. For example, they will contact you to let you know of new products and special rates that may be relevant to you, and they will also be in touch before your mortgage deal ends or your savings mature in order to help you plan the best option available to you. They work closely with a team of specialists such as financial planning managers who can advise you on investments and help you plan for the future.

Plus, as a Santander Select customer you will also have access to exclusive products, offers and services.

You can speak to us anytime, whether you have a specific account query or a more involved matter to discuss.

Simply call us on 0330 123 0061.